Frequently Asked Questions

How the Enhancer is activated?

The Enhancer kit is activated by a “Rocker Switch” that is mounted in your cab and your can turn it on and off anytime you like; however if you turn your engine off it will automatically shut the system off.toggle_switch_sm

Will this system void my vehicle or engine WARRANTY?

Our system will not void USA manufactured engine warranties.  U.S. Congress passed the “Magnuson-Moss Act” which was put in place to protect you.  It prevents manufacturers from claiming that after market products automatically void your vehicle warranty.  We have policy guidelines and procedures that will document the condition of your truck prior to installation and follow up with periodic verification.  All of the major components of this system come with warranties.
            **We do have copies of the “Magnuson-Moss Act” that we can provide you with.

What does the actual “Enhancer” system contain?

ENHANCER IIenhancer2The Enhancer has 3 set screws, 1 is your start time, 1 is your regulator and the other is your boost. There are 2 hoses that come off of it and they are your fuel line and your boost line. 

The fuel line is tapped in between your turbo and the air cleaner (air in-take hose) and the boost line is tapped in on the manifold side where you get your manifold pressure.

The settings depend on what kind of engine you have and where your maximum boost runs. 

As far as the “start time” say they have your start time set at 7, when you get up to 7lbs of boost that’s when the vapor propane starts flowing in.  However, as your boost goes up, the valve opens wider.  A Safety feature they have is NO matter how wide open it goes or say someone tampers with your valve & turns it wide open, it WILL NOT flow enough to burn up your engine.

How Does Torque and Horsepower = Increased mileage efficiency?

You can expect an increase from 50 to 100 horse depending on your desire for better fuel economy or more horsepower.  An advantage to the progressive valve design is the ability to calibrate the valve according to your needs. The process of increasing horsepower does have the desire to "put your foot into it" on the accelerator...however, once you have adjusted to your new horsepower, we find that your foot starts to back off the pedal and fuel efficiency starts to show.

Is the Enhancer I and II Safe?

This innovative yet simple design is only activated when the vehicle ignition is on and the engine is running.  Also, by using propane vapor controlled through a progressive valve there is NEVER the danger of a system failure that would allow liquid to enter into the engine.  If the valve were to fail, it would simply stop the flow of vapor.  The system is controlled by an illuminated on/off switch mounted in the cab, giving the driver full control.

Does it increase exhaust gas temperature?

The engine egt’s will increase less then 50 degrees, and in a lot of cases the temps will decrease, particularly at lower manifold pressures. “Clean is Cool”.

Is it hard to install?

The simplicity of this patented design is most appreciated when is comes to installation and maintenance.  Detailed instructions are provided and each component is clearly and permanently identified.  If you should decide to install the system yourself, technical assistance is available.  Typical installation time varies form 4-7 hours.

How much will it decrease exhaust emissions?

Data is still being gathered from different applications, but lab test have shown that burning propane with diesel fuel will reduce at least NOX levels and the more obvious black smoke, or PM (particulate matter).  Reducing what you smell and what you see is a positive environmental impact in every application.