Introduction from The President

Welcome to RMR Pro-Diesel Technology,

RMR Pro-Diesel Technology would like to take the time to tell you about our Propane Enhancer Kit. Our Propane Enhancer Kit is the only patent progressive valve on the market. This kit is designed to help you with your mile increase on your fuel on any diesel truck with a turbo.

This is a Progressive System that is activated by the turbo boost pressure, injecting vapor propane in increasing amounts through the air-intake as the boost pressure level of the engine increase. The progressive valve begins opening allowing the propane to increase as the boost pressure increases, and then as the boost pressure lowers, the propane flow decrease.

The propane works as a “catalyst” when combined with the diesel fuel. When the propane vapor is added to the diesel fuel, almost 100% of the fuel is burned (as opposed to 75% without propane injection) which is what gives you the torque, horsepower and fuel economy.

This innovation design is only activated when the vehicle ignition is on and the engine has reached the boost pressure level that the Enhancer start time has been set for. The injection system is controlled by an illuminated on/off switch located inside the cab, giving the driver full control of the system operations.

Features and Benefits:
*Simplicity is the key to getting the performance and mileage you want out of your truck.
*Easy installation and maintenance.
*Cleaner burning fuel and decreases EGT.
*Better fuel economy MPG increase.
*Increased torque and horsepower.

A Note of Importance:
Check with your Income Tax Consultant- There is now a 50 Cent rebate per gallon on any alternative fuel that you use.


Craig Ridgway- President
RMR Pro-Diesel Technology, LLC