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"Increased Horsepower plus Increased Mileage equals Increased Average Speed, which saves you time and results with more Money in you pocket!"

Enhancer II Self Install Kit Special

  • Enhancer II Valve
  • Fuel Line and Boost Line Hoses
  • Toggle Switches
  • Electrical Harness
  • Propane Tank (Prices may vary upon tank type requested)

The Enhancer I is perfect for Diesel pickups and standby generators for maximum performance.

The Enhancer I  has 3 set screws, 1 is your start time, 1 is your regulator and the other is your boost. There are 2 hoses that come off of it and they are your fuel line and your boost line. 

The fuel line is tapped in between your turbo and the air cleaner (air in-take hose) and the boost line is tapped in on the manifold side where you get your manifold pressure.

The settings depend on what kind of engine you have and where your maximum boost runs. 

As far as the “start time” say they have your start time set at 7, when you get up to 7lbs of boost that’s when the vapor propane starts flowing in.  However, as your boost goes up, the valve opens wider.  A Safety feature they have is NO matter how wide open it goes or say someone tampers with your valve & turns it wide open, it WILL NOT flow enough to burn up your engine.


Enhancer II is our product line for Turbo diesel rigs needing the extra horsepower to travel over the road. Imagine having the horsepower available to keep a consistent speed to cover to miles of road for your next delivery. Limited hours of driving should have maximum distance, and the Enhancer II can give you exactly that.


Our CF22 chassis dynamometer provides up to 600Hp of loaded test control per drive axel, and accepts tandem drive axle spreads between 48” and 60”.  The system includes Power Net CD data acquisition and automated control system with a base configuration of four temperatures sensors, four pressure sensors and an SAE standard ECM interface to collect data from electronic engines.

The Dyno is a powerful system that collects statistical data during testing, with colorful screen captures, easy-to-read customizable reports and distinctive graphical charts, and vehicle performance is easy to track during quality assurance testing.

The power test eliminates instrumentation failures with a standard computer platform, ensuring that the technology offered is easily understood, serviced and updated.

Also with this Dyno, if you have our Propane Enhancer System, this will be the best money spent.  We will be able to fine turn your valve so you will get the best fuel economy and know exactly what your truck will do mileage wise when you leave our facility.